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What Does it Mean When a Dry Cleaner Offers Everything For “One Price?”

Like most people, I tend to always look for a deal. I want the best price possible. And many times, I will look long and hard to be sure I am getting a bargain. However, I have learned through my many years as a bargain hunter that I need to look for quality products first and price second. For example, here in the Treasure Valley, not all dry cleaners are created equal. And, quite frankly, clothes are expensive. You want them done well. After researching the industry, here is what we have found..

We have found that there are cleaners who provide a rock bottom price but the quality of the cleaning and pressing is poor. A bargain on dry cleaning is not a bargain if you have to bring it home and re-press your pants or shirts or if pieces are missing or delayed. You want the job done right the first time. We have had some requests from our customers who wanted to find out why some cleaners are priced so low and why there is such a variance in prices from store to store.

We have done the research for you and here is what we have found: The “low priced cleaners /one priced cleaners” tend to cut corners. They can price their services much lower than the competition because they put less work into the process. Some will let an automatic shirt pressing machine press your shirt, but not touch up areas that the machine missed. Some will ignore broken shirt buttons. And we have also found that customer service is lacking in these types of stores. If a garment is ruined by one of these cleaners; they can not afford to replace it because they do not make enough profit to justify the expense. As a rule, we would recommend avoiding any dry cleaner who advertised itself as a “low priced cleaners /one priced cleaners.”

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