Dry Cleaning Pricing

Like everything else here at Dry Cleaning Butler, the way we price our services is drastically different than every other Treasure Valley dry cleaner.

Most dry cleaners in Eagle quote one price and then, depending on the material of the item you bring in, you are charged an extra fee for cleaning and pressing. In the dry cleaning industry this is called “upcharging.” Upcharging is a sneaky way that dry cleaners can add hidden fee’s to your dry cleaning bill.

At Dry Cleaning Butler in Eagle we feel the practice of upcharging garments is sneaky. If one pair of pants is cotton and one pair of pants is wool and they take the exact same amount of work to clean and press, why would we charge the customer extra to clean the wool item simply because it is considered by some to be a higher-end fabric?

In an effort to buck the industry norm, Dry Cleaning Butler has decided NOT to upcharge based on the type of material a garment is made from. This means that when we tell you a pair of pants is $7.95, every pair you send in will be the exact same price.

  • Laundered Dress Shirts – $3.50
  • Laundered Hand Pressed Shirts – $6.95
  • Slacks or Pants – $7.95
  • Sweaters – $7.95
  • Women’s Blouses – $6.95
  • Men’s Dry Cleaned Shirts $6.95
  • Golf Shirts – $5.95
  • Silk Shirts – $7.95
  • Two Piece Suits – $16.50
  • Dresses – $ 13.50 and up dependant on length and style of dress
  • Alterations – Prices Vary
  • Broken Shirt Button Replacement – Free
  • Pick-up and Delivery – Free

Please note that silk is not considered an upcharge because it requires longer processing time and special care.

Have questions about our pricing? Need special pricing for an item not listed above? Give our Eagle dry cleaning office a call and we’ll get you squared away!